4'' and above Submersible Motors

4'' Submersible Motors

Produced for wells 111mm internal diameter, Impo Submersible Motor Series, comes with a choice of stainless steel or bronze, filled with non-toxic dielectric oil. Impo Submersible Motors lowers the total cost of ownership, thanks to its high efficiency. Their maintenance cost is low, since it is re-windible. Pressure equalization takes place by means of the motor under the rubber membrane. All Impo product is delivered after they pass the 100% quality control and tests.


Built for the 111 mm inner diameter and larger wells.

Filled with non-toxic dielectric white mineral oil.

Reduce the total cost of ownership with high efficiency.

Pressure balancing with a rubber membrane at the bottom side of the motor.

Quality control with %100 inspection and shipment after approval tests.

Technical Specifications

0,5 HP-3 HP Single phase 220 V 50 Hz

1 HP-10 HP Three phase 380 V 50 Hz

Nema shaft end, Nema flange

Oil lubricated

Operates both vertical and inclined

Voltage tolerance ± % 10

Max. water temperature 35 °C

Speed 2900 rpm

Protection IP68

Rewindable class B insulation

Starts per/h 20

Max. thrust

0,5 HP - 1 HP 1500 N

1,5 HP - 3 HP 2500 N

4 HP - 10 HP 5000 N


Cable Lenght

Pt 100 temperature sensor

60 Hz