7'' Cast Iron Submersible Pumps

50 Hz Selection Range:

   S775: 30 m3/hour - 115 m3/hour

   S790: 48 m3/hour - 140 m3/hour

   S7120: 80 m3/hour - 165 m3/hour

   S7150 :108 m3/hour - 195 m3/hour

Standard Diverter Output:

   S775, S790: 4" Internal pass 8 Thread

   S7120, S7150: 5" Internal pass 8 Thread

Fan Type: Semi Axial

Direction of rotation: Counter-clockwise

Connection: according to the standard of NEMA

Shaft Diameter:30 mm

Minimum Liquid Level: From the bottom of the suction strainer: 1000 mm

Maximum Pump Outside Diameter (cable housing included): 195 mm

Pumped Liquid: Chemical and mechanical non-corrosive fluid.

Maximum Permissible Sand Amount: 50 g/m3

Permitted Solid Particle Size: Maximum 2mm

Manufacturing and Safety Standards:
TS 11146:1993
TS EN 809:2000 98/37/EC
TS EN ISO 12100-2:2006
TS EN ISO 12100-1:2007