Centrifugal pump

Non-self-priming single-stage centrifugal volute pump With axial suction port, radial discharge port and horizontal shaft components.

The ND pumps have dimensions and nominal performances according to DIN 24 255 (10 bar) but are designed for 16 bar operation wherever the shaft seal type allows it. ND pumps according to DIN 24 256 (16 bar) are described in a separate booklet.

For a pump of same the model, the performance can be changed by trimming the outer diameter of the impeller. Only four shafts are required to cover the total range, and this gives many common interchangeable parts for pumps fitted to the same shaft. Just like the shaft, the bearing house has only four sizes for the whole series.

The pump has a back pull-out design, and when a suitable spacer coupling is fitted to a direct coupled unit, the casing and motor can remain in position while all other pump parts can be removed for simple and quick maintenance.

ND pump set are comprised of ND pump and standard electric motor which are connected by coupling and mounted on a steel metal base.

The advantage is that we could easily select the motor and couple to the ND pump. The coupling adopts the flexible pin and bush design, which makes the pump set more stable with minimal vibration and longer life-span as compared to the ‘claw-type’ coupling. The steel metal base is joined by profiled steel bar for strength. Fitting surface where the pump and motor foots seated, are lapped by machine with high precision. The coupling guard is designed to cover the coupling to provide greater safety and security.


The pump is suitable for the pumping of thin, clean and non-aggressive liquids without solids particles or fibers in:

• District heating

• Water supply

• Air conditioning

• Cooling plants

• Industry

• Fire fighting

• Environment engineering

Operating Condition

Flow Rate(Q) : 2-1100m3/h

Head(H) : 2-150m

Speed : 1450-2900 rpm (50HZ)

Temperature : -10°C to 105°C standard,

optional 150°C

Using pressure: 10Bar standard, optional 16Bar

Definition of


Horizontal, Single-Stage Volute Casing pumps with

dimensions and nominal ratings standard to DIN24255.

Type: End Suction Centrifugal, back pull-out

Flange: DIN2332 PN 10RF

Direction of Rotation: Clockwise as viewed from

the drive side.


Casing: Cast Iron or Ductile Iron standard.

Impeller: Bronze or Cast Iron.

Shaft : AISI420

Shaft Seal: Mechanical Seal standard

Carbon-Sic/Vinton (optional)

Optional Gland Packing.

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Exhibition 2011


Workshop on pumping technology by Turkish Experts has been accomplished at Zarahh Group's premises.

Sales Training has been started to the Sales force.

Innovative technology is being using for Bore wash.

Service and Maintenance of submersible pumps & Bore on monthly contract basis,

Water Treatment Plant at Ethopia is in underprocess.

Irrigation system & wastewater treatment plant has been accomplished at PAKISTAN AIR FORCE 'S golf club karachi.

PANI package has been offered.