Zarahh group started its journey of Drilling since 1986 by the named UNIVERSAL DRILLING AND SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS, up till now we have done 4000 bores which is really reward for us

The depth of bores varied from 70 feet to 1400 feet.Over the years we have earned the trust of our customers as a reliable, professional company equipped to provide a wide range of technical services that includes water well drilling, pump system design and installation,
well inspecting and pump testing, well development, water filtration and treatment, and environmental/geo-technical drilling.

Our Companies

- Universal Drilling & Submersible Pumps - Ali Enterprises - Universal Engineering & Creation - Abdul Rahim Traders - Abdul Hameed & Company - Mohammad Hanif & Brothers - Universal Aqua & Engineering

Exhibition 2011


Workshop on pumping technology by Turkish Experts has been accomplished at Zarahh Group's premises.

Sales Training has been started to the Sales force.

Innovative technology is being using for Bore wash.

Service and Maintenance of submersible pumps & Bore on monthly contract basis,

Water Treatment Plant at Ethopia is in underprocess.

Irrigation system & wastewater treatment plant has been accomplished at PAKISTAN AIR FORCE 'S golf club karachi.

PANI package has been offered.