Universal Engineering & Creations

UECUEC is the engineering Company of the ZARAHH GROUP, Up till now it has been fabricated 400 customized Elevators by its own brand Zarahh group,
Our fabrication rely on the requirement of our customer, that what actually he needs, we directly target their needs & requirements, we just make the things which just they visualize, We also deals in imported elevators (freight + passenger), & Escalator.

services comprises :

1 Installation

2 Replacemant

3 Maintenance on Contract Basis

Specialized :





UEC has built a reputation for creating breakthroughs that make getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring Its development required years of dedicated effort to overcome the immense physical, technical and mechanical challenges involved, ourselves. They know that the level of attention to detail we’re famous for will protect their investments in what are widely acknowledged to be the highest quality elevators,dumb waiters,…

The phrase that brands our products, “Secure in Motion…”

In order for elevators to perform safely, reliably and efficiently day in and day out over a period of years, they must be engineered to exacting standards of precision. And they must be designed, manufactured, installed and serviced by professionals who remain firmly at the cutting edge of new technological research and development