We have a full range of Standard and custom designed architectural and landscape fountains for commercial and residential applications.
We bring to your project a full line of Fountain control systems and components. Including; nozzles, pumps, underwater lighting and electrical junction boxes. Water level and wind controls units,

Deals in all fountains such as:

1 Water with Real Fire Fountain

2 Musical Fountain

3 Jumping laminar nozzles

4 Floating lake fountains

5 Interior Fountains

6 Fountain Kits

7 Waterfalls and streams

8 Wall Fountains

9 Garden Waterfalls

10 Lake Aeration

We offers a full line of services for all makes and models of fountains,

From the minor services of cleaning and check-ups, to the repair of breakdowns requiring major component replacement.

When faced with the decision to refurbish or the replacement of your fountain equipment, we can help with the expertise and skills required to meet your requirements. Our motive is to give life time free checking service, as we based on changing service perception.

Ask us about our maintenance contracts or one of the other programs tailored to meet your service needs.
We specialize in creating fountains that enhance the surrounding environment. Features and techniques used in our fountains include:

1 Geyser effects

2 Jumping jets

3 Dry deck (pop jet)

4 Waterfall effects

5 Fog systems

6 Lighting effects

7 Musical Choreography

8 Fire Enhancements

These features are used to obtain the exact texture of water and aesthetic appeal to compliment the surrounding area and match your exact design intent.

Fountain Tech grew into a professional design firm providing engineering assistance for fountains to architects, landscape architects, and developers. Being an early adopter of CAD technology and documentation modularization

Life time free checking service!

Nozzles effects

Our Companies

- Universal Drilling & Submersible Pumps - Ali Enterprises - Universal Engineering & Creation - Abdul Rahim Traders - Abdul Hameed & Company - Mohammad Hanif & Brothers - Universal Aqua & Engineering

Exhibition 2011


Workshop on pumping technology by Turkish Experts has been accomplished at Zarahh Group's premises.

Sales Training has been started to the Sales force.

Innovative technology is being using for Bore wash.

Service and Maintenance of submersible pumps & Bore on monthly contract basis,

Water Treatment Plant at Ethopia is in underprocess.

Irrigation system & wastewater treatment plant has been accomplished at PAKISTAN AIR FORCE 'S golf club karachi.

PANI package has been offered.