Zarahh group is the Private Engineering Firm in Pakistan since 1986, and it deals in various Engineering products & services entrepreneur skill such as:

Submersible Pumps, Tube well Design & construction, Conveyors, Chuter, Elevators, Fountain,Wastewater Plant, Racks, Over head crane, Hoist, Beam Trolley etc.

Why to choose us, because we pay after sale technical service and counseling regard the specific job,

We share certain fundamental objectives with our customers: creating new products, perfecting quality and improving processes. values are centered on our customers. here people work in teams, since having common objectives is the best way to attain excellence in production and distribution

We never stop learning,from the customer, the market, suppliers, thinkers and others. We are transparent. In the way we work, in what we can, what we can’t. While we are premium in our pricing and services, if a product challenges us we take it up.

We are the Exclusive Dealer of IMPO a.s Turkey . Submersible pumps in PAKISTAN,

IMPO a.s. is specialized in producing deep well submersible electro pumps.

OUR approach

“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind” – Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


Mission is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.

We will follow fair business practices & develop intimate customer relationship.

will strive to improve whatever is done & how it is done.

Will continue to earn & be worthy of our customers' trust.